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   Guangdong Diesel Machinery Foundry Company Limited is a joint venture company jointly built by Pingyuan Hengming Auto Chassis Manufacturing Company Limited and Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory. The company covers an area of 60,000 square meters,adopting full resin sand molding and intermediate frequency induction electric furnace smelting technology. The design capacity is 50,000 ton per year. Single piece:the greatest cast ability is 50 ton per year.
   The foundry shop of Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory is a casting production base with the most powerful Southern China technology,passing the ISO Veritas Certification; Pingyuan Hengming Auto Chassis Manufacturing Company Limited is a famous brand enterprise of Guangdong,passing the ISO Quality System Certification;Guangdong Diesel Machinery Foundry Company Limited is the crystallization of powerful alliance.
  Based on the integration of original technology and management, our company has increased the input of manufacturing equipment. For the time being, the main manufacturing equipments of our company are: a set of 5-ton Resin Sand Production Line and a set of 20-ton Resin Sand Production Line; two 1.5-ton and two 10-ton Intermediate Frequency Smelting Furnaces respectively;one 7-ton and 12-ton holding furnace respectively;large Shot-blast equipment、large annealing、Normalizing Furnace.Inspection equipment:Furnace Carbon Silicon Analyzer、Thermometric Instrument、Electronic Scale、Moulding Sand Analysis Equipment、Physical and Chemical Analysis Equipment、Metallographic Examination、Spectral Analysis.
  Our company mainly produces Cast Iron, including Nodular Cast Iron、Vermicular Cast Iron、Alloy Cast Iron and Common Gray Cast Iron.Industries involved:Large and Medium-Sized Diesel Engine、Engineering Machinery、Hydraulic Machinery、Food Machinery、Machine Tools、Die Castings for wind power,etc.Roughcasts will be provided according to the requirement customers,Rough Finishing of Castings.