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    Guangdong Diesel Machinery Foundry Company Limited is a joint venture company jointly built by Pingyuan Hengming Auto Chassis Manufacturing Company Limited and Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory. The company covers an area of 60,000 square meters,adopting full resin sand molding and intermediate frequency induction electric furnace smelting technology. The design capacity is 50,000 ton per year. Single piece:the greatest cast ability is 50 ton per year.
一,Position Recruitment
1, Documentary Clerk: 1 vacancy, female, age:25-30, Technical Secondary School or above, adroit at computer operation, familiar with documentary work, with relevant working experience for more than 2 years.(1000~1400yuan per month)
2, Casting engineer: 2 vacancies, male, College degree or above, relevant major of machine design or casting, with relevant experience for more than 3 years. (5000yuan per month)
二,Welfare benefits
1, 8 hours of duty,daily. Holidays go with the national ones.
2, Company Benefits: 2-month probation period, contract signed after becoming a full member, transacting Social Security 、Personal Accident Insurance according to regulations; meals and accommodations are included.
Address: Pingyuan Industrial Land, Dazhe town, Pingyuan County, Guangdong Province.